Lightning protection system

Lightning protection system

Lightning is a common natural phenomenon, occurring due to the formation of opposite charges in cathode-positive clouds. During the accumulation of charge before the lightning strike, an electric field of continuously increasing intensity is formed. When the voltage somewhere in the cloud exceeds the insulation threshold of the air, a lightning strike occurs, either directly into the air or to the ground.

Lightning not only has the potential to cause human injury, but also destroys property, buildings, energy supply facilities, aviation activities, electrical and electronic equipment, and radio stations. television, communication systems,

To effectively prevent lightning, it is necessary to follow these 3 steps:

1. Defense against lightning strikes directly or strikes to the building directly.
2. Lightning protection via power and data cables 
3. The grounding system has a low impedance and high safety.

For direct lightning protection, it is necessary to use lightning protection devices to form a frame covering the outside of the area to be protected, such as lightning rods, lightning rods, etc., to cut lightning for the source and signal lines, preventing lightning Lightning strikes electrical equipment and telecommunications equipment through signal cables.

When it rains and thunderstorms occur, lightning occurs, besides directly causing material losses by being struck by lightning, lightning also indirectly destroys other objects where lightning does not occur by way of the transmission path. transmission on signal lines, electrical wires, metal wires, etc., making other items also paralyzed, unable to function.

A good lightning protection solution will help protect the safety of people and electrical, electronic, and IT equipment when there is a direct lightning strike and a surge or induced lightning current.  With a small, compact size that does not take up much space and does not lose its beauty, the lightning protection system of Global Electrical Technology Corporation provides the highest possible safety in all weather conditions, meeting the best efficiency for users.

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