Lightning is a dangerous natural disaster, the density, discharge time, and slope amplitude of lightning are unpredictable, so the study of lightning protection is a very important issue.

Vietnam is one of the countries seriously affected by thunderstorms, especially in the rainy season, the situation of thunderstorms is very unstable, causing difficulties for people's lives and activities.

Today, people have found suitable lightning protection solutions to better ensure human life and property.

According to statistics, every year, the number of people who die from lightning strikes is fairly high. Across the globe, an estimated 100 lightning strikes hit the ground every second. Lightning causes casualties, even kills people, destroys property, materials, and equipment for construction works, energy supply works, aviation activities, and electrical equipment. radio and television stations, telecommunications systems... and cause work disruption The products of Global Electrical Engineering Joint Stock Company ensure that customers live a peaceful and safer life than ever before with a dedicated solution package.

Global provides optimal solutions for buildings, houses, apartments ... against the effects and possible risks due to the harmful effects of lightning. We are proud to be an enterprise specializing in consulting, designing, maintaining, and installing solutions for machines, equipment, and technology. With extensive industry experience and highly trained staff and technicians, our six-point comprehensive lightning protection solution is sure to leave you satisfied and happy.

For complete information as well as things to know about the specifications of the lightning protection system, please contact us for advice and a quotation. Or you can also arrange a time to come to our office to see and try the products. We are pleased to welcome, support, and serve you to help you choose the best solution for you.