Recent surveys show that most of the knowledge about lightning protection in Vietnam is still quite poor, especially in rural, remote, and isolated areas. Due to the lack of knowledge on lightning prevention, in the rainy and stormy season, there were many deaths, serious injuries caused by lightning, and many construction materials were damaged and severely damaged.

Lightning protection

Vietnam is one of the countries in Asia with strong thunderstorm activity. Because lightning is a random phenomenon, it is impossible to determine the exact location where it will strike, and there is no absolute safe location for people and other objects. However, proactively seeking shelter from lightning can greatly reduce your chances of being struck by lightning. Therefore, each person needs to be instructed in lightning prevention methods to have a way to protect themselves.

Some basic lightning protection methods:
– When you hear the weather forecast for rain or thunderstorms, you need to plan for lightning. If you are working in a deserted, empty place, you need to pay attention in advance to the nearest places where you can shelter from rain and avoid lightning.

– Do not stand under old or dry trees; do not stand in higher areas; and stay away from metal objects such as bicycles, motorcycles, iron fences, and so on. 

– Do not hide or stand in places containing water such as beaches, ponds, lakes, ditches and do not stand in groups of people close together when there is a storm or thunderstorm.

– If you feel your hair stand up (like an electric feeling when you touch your hand in front of the TV), it means you may be struck by lightning at any time. Immediately squat down and cover your ears with your hands, tiptoes; do not lie on the ground or put your hands on the ground.

– While on a bus, train, car, etc., do not stick people out and do not touch the metal cover of the vehicle.

– When it is about to rain, the best way to avoid lightning is to stay indoors. Safe places to avoid lightning include buildings, or offices with lightning protection systems installed. When indoors, you should stay away from windows, doors, electrical appliances, and wet places such as bathrooms, water tanks, faucets ...

– Unplug the antenna from the TV during a thunderstorm.

– Limit the use of phones unless absolutely necessary and unplug electrical appliances before a thunderstorm is near.

– External telephone lines or power cords may be affected by lightning strikes. Therefore, it is necessary to keep these wires, as well as electrical items and electronic components, at a distance of at least 1 meter.

Lightning protection solution

It can be said that lightning and lightning prevention have practical significance for the socio-economic life of the country. Lightning can cause burns, burns, damage to the nervous system, fractures, loss of hearing, vision, and even memory loss. Therefore, it is necessary to implement specific and timely measures to find a way to minimize damage caused by lightning in Vietnam. The solution to prevent unfortunate consequences from this dangerous natural disaster is to install lightning protection systems for houses and buildings.

Currently, there are many establishments, companies, and enterprises providing reputable and quality direct lightning protection and lightning protection products. This is one of the useful measures to ensure people's health and make their lives safer. 

In particular, people who are struck by lightning need immediate first aid. If the person who is struck by lightning faints (heart stops beating, breathing stops), it is necessary to urgently perform respiratory movements, provide artificial heart support, and find broken body parts. If you suspect that the victim has a broken spine, be careful not to move the victim, but find the fastest way to call medical staff to take timely and effective measures.