Lightning arrester SRF N series


ERICO đã đi tiên phong trong việc phát triển thiết bị cắt lọc sét (Surge Reduction Filter) bắt đầu vào những năm 1980 và kể từ đó, hàng chục ngàn thiết bị đã được lắp đặt ở những khu vực có lượng sét đánh cao nhất trên thế giới. Để kế thừa và phát huy thành tựu đó, ERICO không ngừng cải tiến sản phẩm để đạt mức hiệu suất cao nhất. Trong đó có thể kể đến dòng sản phẩm thiết bị cắt lọc sét SRF N-Series. Thiết bị này được trang bị những tính năng như:

Primary lightning cutting part: Spark Gap technology helps control large lightning currents.

Secondary lightning cut: TD technology withstands high overvoltages.

Filter circuit: A powdered iron core efficiently conducts current; capacitors are durable and certified for safety.

Filtering capabilities: The filter circuit helps to reduce the rate of voltage variation (dv/dt) and residual voltage, enhancing protection for electrical equipment.

High reliability: Direct connection to input and output ports.

Protective cabinet: Up to IP65 level; In addition, there is a shield to prevent hand contact with live parts.

Show status: Full display on cabinet front as well as internal diagnostic LED.

Meet IEC standards: Enhanced safety and performance.


SRF N series lightning protection equipment has wide applications such as national defense, telecommunications, airports...


SRF N series product line combines Spark Gap technology with L-C filter technology and TD (Transient Discriminating) technology of ERICO and is capable of distinguishing lightning, overvoltage, and overvoltage of the mains at 50/60 Hz to provide effective and reliable protection.


Spark Gap Technology (primary part)

The SRF-N series has a primary lightning arrester using Spark Gap technology for phase-neutral and neutral-earth protection. These devices are capable of withstanding lightning impulses of 130 kA 8/20 μs, 50 kA 10/350 μs waveforms, allowing direct lightning currents to be handled. This has been tested to IEC Class I standards to ensure it can be installed in locations where the risk of lightning strikes is high.

Filter technology

Surge arresters may include a filter element intended to protect sensitive electronic equipment. However, not all lightning arresters have filter elements with the same configuration. According to the IEC 6164-11 standard, lightning protection device performance can be assessed by the residual voltage through the SPD (let-through voltage), which is also the protection voltage (Voltage Protection Level – Up) as low as possible. Under standard test conditions according to IEC 6164-11, the SRF N-series results in a residual voltage 5 times lower than traditional spark gap technology and 3 times lower than conventional MOV technology.

TD Technology (secondary part)

 TD technology provides continuous protection even after overvoltage events.








































IEC 6164-11 voltage variation ratio (DV/DT) test 

Rate of voltage change over time is measured at the output of a 2-port surge arrester under specialized tests. The illustrative example shows that the SRF363N reduces the voltage 1000 times.

Status display method

How to choose equipment

The product code symbol of the SRF N series has the form: SRF y xxx N

SRF   y   xxx N
Product's name
(Surge reduction filter)
y = 1: thiết bị 1 pha
y = 3: thiết bị 3 pha
Dòng tải định mức

Some popular products in the SRF N series:

  • SRF163N             1 pha, 63A
  • SRF1125N           1 pha, 125A
  • SRF363N             3 pha, 63A
  • SRF3125N           3 pha, 125A
  • SRF3250N           3 pha, 250A
  • SRF3500N           3 pha, 500A
  • SRF3800N           3 pha, 800A

It is recommended to choose lightning protection devices according to the level of protection:

For more details, please refer to the catalog (here)