Spending 25 years of development, We are proud to be the leading company in Vietnam having prestige in consulting, designing, supplying equipment and advanced solutions in the field of lightning protection, green energy, integration data center system solutions, investing in telecommunications infrastructure and other infrastructure as well as supplying high quality maintenance service.

With highly qualified enthusiastic staffs, dynamic organizational and professional structure, good financial resource, we have always been customer, partners in and abroad confidentially appreciated. Our customer spreads over the country in key sectors such as telecommunications, broadcasting, banking, oil and gas, aviation, electric power, industrial and construction …

Desiring to contribute to customer’s successes, we perseveringly invest in researching to provide innovative technology solutions, deploy new line of business and provide outstanding professional services towards customer’s satisfaction, with the slogan:

“Total customer confidence”

 Main solutions:

·       Consulting and designing Infrastructure solutions for data centers and ICT networks (IDC-ICT) 

·       Lightning and Surge Portection (LSP) solution 

·       Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

·       Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

·       AC/DC, DC/AC Converters, Accu

·       Uninterupted Power Supply (UPS)

·       MEP solutions

·       Solar rooftop solution