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     Spending 25 years of development, We are proud to be the leading company in Vietnam having prestige in consulting, designing, supplying equipment and advanced solutions in the field of lightning protection, green energy, integration data center system solutions, investing in telecommunications infrastructure and other infrastructure as well as supplying high quality maintenance service.

With highly qualified enthusiastic staff, dynamic organizational and professional structure, and good financial resources, we have always been customers, partners in and abroad confidentially appreciated. Our customer spreads over the country in key sectors such as telecommunications, broadcasting, banking, oil and gas, aviation, electric power, industrial, and construction …

Desiring to contribute to customer’s successes, we perseveringly invest in researching to provide innovative technology solutions, deploy new line of business and provide outstanding professional services towards customer’s satisfaction, with the slogan:

“Total customer confidence”


Maintaining the title of the leading company in Vietnam in consulting, designing, manufacturing equipment and providing solutions in the fields of lightning protection, green energy, integrated solutions for data center systems , investing in telecommunications infrastructure


Bringing the best built solutions and services to answer customers' expectations such as quality, safety, progress, aesthetics, and highest satisfaction. Create more success opportunities for your employees. Every employee can be proud to work at the company.


Your success is our companion. That is why our culture is built on the foundation of trust and companionship. That value is always an unchanged factor, always accompanying development and success.

 Main solutions:

· Consulting and designing Infrastructure solutions for data centers and ICT networks (IDC-ICT) 

· Lightning and Surge Portection (LSP) solution 

· Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

· Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

· AC/DC, DC/AC Converters, Accu

· Uninterupted Power Supply (UPS)

· MEP solutions

· Solar rooftop solution

We are committed to Striving nonstop for CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION AND TRUST through the following policies:

1. Understand customer needs.

2. Provide highly technical overall solutions.

3. Deploy projects and services in a professional, error-free, and timely manner.

4. Continuously improve work processes, product quality, and solution quality.

To achieve these, we will establish and maintain an ISO 9001:2000 quality management system where the customer is the center and every employee tries to learn, develop, and collaborate with others to achieve this goal as well as meet the highest customer expectations.

With the help of its business support units, GSC subsidiaries, GII affiliates, and skilled and enthusiastic human resources, Global is developing its position and service standards in the core business areas of the industry.

Companies belonging to Global Group

GLOBAL - SITEM Joint Venture Co.,LTD

GLOBAL - SITEM Joint Venture Co., LTD (GSC - Global - Sitem Company) was established in early 2008 by 2 founding shareholders:
• Global Electrical Technology Corp. (GLT), Vietnam: established in 1996, and currently a leading company in the fields of solutions and devices for lightning protection, power, and UPS….
• Sitem Company, Thailand: established in 1994, specializing in providing total solutions for Datacenter. Currently, Sitem occupies more than 60% of the market share of data centers and precision air conditioners in Thailand.  Some typical customers of Sitem's Datacenter are: Siemens, IBM, Ericsson, Orange, DBS, DHL...

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